Learning to Code

Learning to code isn’t easy. I started to learn coding about 2 years ago. I started out trying to code a video game in C#. I picked up a few things, but always felt out of my depth. I think the main issue was the fact that I was applying it to a game. Trying to design a game and code it requires a lot of time and patience. But, coding was something I knew would be beneficial to have in my skills repertoire.

So, this website came about. Having read a lot about using a content management system and coding it from scratch, I must say, I leaned towards coding it myself. Now, although I did eventually go to WordPress.org to finish the website, I realised the true importance of having a stepping-stone before taking on the likes of C#. That stepping-stone is HTML and CSS. These two coding languages have broken down the confusion and gave me something much easier to apply it’s formulas.

My recommendation to those who wish to learn a coding language to improve their portfolio work is to use HTML and CSS and build a website. From there, you can go onto coding in Python, C# and javascript.