No Man's Sky (PS4), Is It For You?

No Man’s Sky (PS4), Is It For You?

Okay, so the reviews have been out for a while now, and yes, I agree with some of them. But let’s put aside the gameplay and the reviews for a second and have a look at the idea of a procedurally generated world. It is easy to assume that a game should be reviewed as a game, but here is something that isn’t so much a game than it is a virtual world. The idea of having everything procedurally generated means that there will appear very little similarities between your game and another persons’ game – and this fully supports the notion of adventure. Certainly whilst playing the game you will get a sense that everything is random and that your experience is unique. And if you are after that kind of experience then No Man’s Sky stands above most others. From the scope of the game to its hidden algorithms and advanced mathematics, No Man’s Sky is all about adventure and I would recommend those that seek a journey to try this game. However, it terms of conventional gameplay mechanics, this game falls short. As a game, you won’t be guided and at times you may very well feel that it is repetitive and without any sense of direction. Even in terms of improving character and spaceship. But, that isn’t what this game is about. Don’t buy this game to play a game, buy this game to enjoy an adventure. Just you and the expanse of space to play in. Well worth the investment, as I don’t think mankind will be given this amount of freedom any time soon.




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