Quick Tips: Job Boards

Quick Tips: Job Boards

Okay, so, I wanted to do another quick post in relation to job searching. Job searching can be a frustrating task. There are so many places to search. Some show jobs that are more geographic, for example London. Some are focused more towards a specific niche, for example designer or coder. But, I just wanted to give those people who want a more generalised job board some excellent options.

One thing I will mention is that some job adverts can be scams – so be weary. Always read the job description and do not post to those you think are unrealistic. They can be a waste of your time and you may soon find that your email inbox overwhelmed with spam and your phone number contacted by sales teams. You have been warned! However, keep that in mind and you may find that dream job.

So, the following will give you the best opportunity to find that job.

First up: Linkedin.com
Now, a lot of people think that this is just a professional community. A place where all those people with a particular goal and dream get together and chat. And, that is correct – it is exactly that. However, it is a little more than that. Sure, you get to create a profile so people know who you are and what you can do, but, this should be seen as more of a CV. An online CV at that. A CV shown to all those professionals that are in the field you want to be in. So, someone you are linked with on there is talking to you, when suddenly he hears of a job coming up in his department you would fit perfectly. A bit of word-of-mouth to his boss who looks at your profile/CV and asks you to come in. A few months later you have a new dream job. Seems too easy and that might not happen. But, then again, it might.
That’s one way. The other is to use the job board like you would any other. But, again, you have that profile that shows all your interactions, recommendations and work that they can view.

Lastly, we have Indeed.co.uk.
A great site that feeds all the jobs from several sites through to its website. This means that there are lots of opportunities to find that job. Also, a lot of these jobs can be entry level jobs. This gives you a great chance at etching out some experience within the field before taking on the bigger job opportunities. What is handy about this job is that you can create a profile, download the app and apply for jobs where and whenever.


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