Welcome to media create. Your resource for information and insight concerning all things media. It is a place to visit to read stories about people in the creative fields and gain useful tips and tricks.

This website will equip you with the tools and skills to be a well rounded creator, whatever that discipline may be. For this reason many of the posts will feature topics surrounding media practices and useful advice on software. My approach will be basic and to-the-point. It is my belief that the finer details of a skill or tool are discovered by the individual by experimentation. So, on that basis I will avoid going off on tangents and keep it simple.

Currently, the website is in its infancy. It has a main page where you can find all the recent posts and to the right of that you’ll find a categories page and a search box. This is your one-stop page for all the posts. Eventually there will be a directory page that will consist of various helpful links and contact numbers for you to call or visit.

The website will hopefully grow, and when it does so too will the features.

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